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Info and schelude in English

For registration in english, go here:  REGISTRATION  and choose the starting group you wish to attend, and then choose your place, and click "ok". The system goes to a page where you fill in your details, there you can click the English-flag on the upperleft to change the language.

In case you need any help, please email:

Entry fees


Car parking: Pohjoinen Stadionintie (parking lot next to helsinki icehockey hall), parkin lots on both sides of Mäntymäentie, Laaksonkenttä (address Auroranportti 4) See map of possible parking area: Here

Race office: Near to the main gate of Swimming Stadium (check-in possible: Friday 16.8. 18-20, Saturday 17.8. 7.30->). Check-in at the race office latest 1,5h before your starting time.

Bike park: Near to the main gate of Swimming Stadium (not possible to leave bikes for night!)

Bike course familiarisation: Eventday morning at 8.30 – 9.00. At other times the course will be closed!

Race info and opening ceremony: At the stand of Swimming Stadium, near to the pool 8.55. The following race infos are behind the race-marketplace: 10.15, 11.15, 12.00 (kids team relay), 12.15, 13.15, 14.15, 15.00 and 15.30 (racing bikes and team relay).

High5-drinkpoint: At the beginning of running and at the finish line (water and sportsdrink).

First aid: Next to the main entrance of the swimming stadium

Lost and found: At the main gate of Swimming Stadium, next to the bike park

Maps of the race area: Here


Tips for the event day:

- Take other shoes with you - your biking/running shoes will be left in the transit area 75-60 minutes before your starting time

- Take enough warm clothes for warm up before and after the race

- Dressing rooms, showers and saunas at the swimming stadium are in use of all participants - please note to take 50cnt coin with you for locker deposit! 


Before the race

  1. Confirm your registration by coming to check-in at the race office at latest 1,5 h (90 minutes) before your starting time. 

    • At the check-in, you'll get a participation package including: 2 bags for your equipments (one for each transition area), competitor numbers, swimming cap, an envelope including the timing Chip and numbered stickers for your transition bags, helmet and bike, and some sponsor materials.

    • Lundberg /Trek black racebag is used for transition one equipments (between swim and bike)

    • Blue Ice Power -bag is used for transition two equipments (between bike and run)

  2. Put the number-stickers (you’ll find these in the envelope given at the race office)

    • The number-sticker with LUNDBERG logo on the blackLundberg racebag

    • The number-sticker with ICE POWER logo on the blue ice power bag (around the strap).

    • Long number-sticker on your bike, put it around the pole under your saddle

    • 2 number-stickers for helmet: put one on the front side of helmet and one on the left side 

  3. Take your bike to the bike park.

  4. Put the timing Chip around your left ankle.

  5. Knot the elastic band of the race number so it will fit around your waist

  6. Go to bike check-in (at the end of the stand) 60 - 70 min before your start

  7. Put the run-transition plastic bag (blue Ice power bag)) in the cage at the end of the pool

  8. Take your bike and other things you will need during the biking to your transition spot (put your biking equipments in the black Lundberg / Trek bag)

  9. Get ready for the race! You can do swim warm up in the pool for diving


During the race

Check from the specific info of your own series, how many laps of each discipline you must do during the race!    (for example, on adults race swim is 3 laps x 100m = 300m, bike is 2 laps x 5km = 10km and run is 2 laps x 1,5 km = 3km). 


15 min before the start you have to be in the dressing room. You will be lined up and your group will be guided to the start.


  1. Put the race number on your back side. Use helmet. 

  2. Put swimming cap and goggles in the Lundberg bag.

  3. Take your bike and run with it. You will be allowed to start biking after crossing the red line.

  4. Pay attention to safety when biking! Notice others and be careful when bypassing. There are some quite tight turns!

  5. Get off your bike before the ored line. Put your bike on the rack.


  1. Take your running equipments from the blue bag, and put the biking equipments inside the bag.

  2. Turn the race number on your front side.  


After the race

  1. Pick-up all your equipment (bike and equipment bags) right after finishing. You’ll get those by giving your race number.

  2. Live results will be seen on the Ultimate Sport Service webpage, on the event day, there will be a link to the live restults on our front page

Schedule 2020 is below. 2021 is coming later!
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